In the early 20th century, the Irish custom of “hunting the wren” was most likely due to sheer boredom one afternoon at the local corner pub. Nonetheless, many considered the ritual to be an important part of their cultural history. The sacred wren, a.k.a., king of all birds, was considered divine and looked at as a card-carrying member of the gods. The hunt represented the cycle of death in order to achieve divinity. Releasing the spirit that dwelled in the king would transfer demigod status to the next recipient. In this case, the demon hunter. These hunters would hurl rocks at any low flying feathery objects in their way in order to achieve their objective (Like we said, this idea started in a pub.) Anyway, this soul transferring was equivalent to having an 'out of body' experience, in order to relieve the tensions of every day life and maybe rule the local wine bar for a day. All hail the mighty 5oz pour!