2014 "Hustle & Flow" Pinot Noir - SOLD OUT

Russian River Valley
Allegedly, after swiping the king's crown, the wren was captured and imprisoned in a mousehole by a wide-eyed, slightly irritated barn owl. Not to be outwitted, the wren hustled the owl by singing it to sleep and flowing past his spindly legs undetected. Talk about snoozing on the job. From that point, owls would never again sleep during the evening. Not even thru Madame Butterfly. Anyway, we seem to hustle our vineyards into flowing greatness. The result is evident - potpourri aromatics, a massive red cherry mid-palate, tobacco leaf, blood orange, caramelized brown sugar and a zippy toasted oak finish.  Get your schmuck face ready, you're about to be hustled.

Release Date: September 2016

Production: 185 cases
AVA: Russian River Valley
Dijon Clones 667, 777, 115 & Swan
PH: 3.58
Harvest: September 15, 2014