2016 "Cautionary Tale" Pinot Noir SOLD OUT

Sta. Rita Hills
A cautionary tale is a folk story that warns its reader of an impending doom. Navigating the steep slopes of this Sta. Rita Hills vineyard is certainly worthy of a danger sign, but the real peril may be in the seduction of this Pinot temptress. Let's just say this is the wicked stepsister of our 2013 Architects & Saboteurs and it has all the family resemblence. Think ripe, dark red fruit ambush on your taste buds followed by wave after wave of spice box, chocolate and primordial decadence. 'Nuf said.
Harvested Sept 22, 2016 / Dijon Clone 667 & 777 / PH 3.6 / Aged 14 Months 100% New French Oak (Remond, Gamba, Francois Freres, Cavin / Bentrock Vineyard / 184 cases 750ml